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Excellent Program

Great for training your brain to see cards in a different way. Definately the best value for my money. If you guys could add a level after EXPERT that displays the card as a real black jack simulation (ie 6 hands been played and players who play regular black jack, dealer takes aways cards of busted players etc etc) that would be a VALUE. I would definately buy that program.

WOW !!

So good it makes it so easy and fun to learn! It is so easy to learn on real games. It actually works on games with my friends!!!!!


Learning and training to count cards cant get any easier. The different systems for counting cards in the app are extremely simple and very useful. Now I enjoy recreational gambling. Im always on the positives now.


Title says it all

Great... But buttons are too small

Great app for learning & sharpening your skills in card counting but since the high scores are based on how quick youre able to answer the right count... Its really difficult to follow through with that since the buttons are incredibly small and non-responsive majority of the time making the game useless. Clearly this can be fixed by a simple update but question is when?

Ill have to practice with this one.

Looks like a real good way to practice counting. Different levels to get you to count faster and faster.


This is super fun and challenging. Im only on medium, so Im not ready for the casinos. I cant wait though.

Really great!

Taught me how to count cards faster than any other guide on the Internet, and it was fun too. Get it :)


Its really nice but itd be even better if we could have a "free count" like just to flick cards of decks to practice the counting ...

Needs few adjustments

This is a good card counting app hands down, the faster you answer correctly the more money you get as a bonus. The downside is, is that the answer bar is a scroll wheel.. Which makes it hard to answer the correct answer efficiently. If you can add buttons to +1 or -1 when it asks for the count Id give it a 5 star rating. Also add a free deck count as you go and possibly a blackjack game that you can count while you play and asks for the count every now and then would be awesome.


Really strong app, the addition of a playable blackjack that occasionally asks for the count would make it 5 stars. Otherwise it is a very useful tool when learning how to count.

Awesome app!

Its an awesome app that helps you develop personal strategies on card counting. When I started I tried hard and expert and thought "This is nuts! Ill never be that good." But within weeks I was able to count on hard and expert like it was second nature. Its an easy 5 out of 5 stars. What I would like to see is the option of practice play of the different ways the cards get laid out. I find throwing out two and three at a time is harder because you dont set it as often and in challenge if you get it wrong you need to go through the whole thing to get to the two card throw again.

Waste of money

The computer counted incorrectly 2 out of 3 times! Do not buy this app! I want my money back!

Worth it!

Definitely helped me to keep the count and count faster! Worth it!

Money Maker

Took my new skills to Vegas 12/14 sessions winners. Read a book on strategy and keep practicing!

Well done!

Enjoy the humor and increasing levels of difficulty. Also, its nice to not have a couple hundred playing cards all over the place.

Excellent Blackjack Trainer

I have tried many different Blackjack card counting apps; this is one of the best. Definitely worth the small investment.

Nice app

This is good practice, the lower levels are good for beginners, once you get to hard and expert though be ready. Challenge is fun too. Good info in the study guide too. You must still play smart though if you plan to make money, it is much tougher in the casinos so be ready to have your count thrown off, practice at home with loud music and distractions to improve on this.

Fun App. Challenges speed of thought.

Fun App. Challenges speed of thought.

Fun game!

Financial utility aside, this is a fun way to spend a few minutes.

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